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Matteo Pasquali, PhD
CHBE - MS 369
Rice University
P O Box 1892
Houston, Texas 77251-1892

Hazel Cole, CPS, Program Coordinator



  • V. A. Davis (2006). "Phase Behavior and Rheology of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs) in Superacids with Application to Fiber Spinning". PhD Thesis. Rice Univesity (pdf)
  • X. Xie (2006). "Modeling Viscoelastic Free Surface and Interfacial Flows, with Applications to the Deformation of Droplets and Blood Cells". PhD Thesis. Rice Univesity (pdf)
  • R. Duggal (2005). "The fluid dynamical behavior of DNA in free-surface flows". PhD Thesis. Rice Univesity (pdf)
  • A. Montesi (2005). "Interplay of Flow and Microstructure in Complex Fluids: Semiflexible Polymer Solutions and Emulsions". PhD Thesis. Rice Univesity (pdf)
  • L. M. Ericson (2003). "Macroscopic Neat Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Fibers". PhD Thesis. Rice Univesity (pdf)
  • M. Pasquali (2000). "Polymer Molecules in Free Surface Coating Flows". PhD Thesis. University of Minnesota (pdf,  pdf)