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Matteo Pasquali, PhD
CHBE - MS 369
Rice University
P O Box 1892
Houston, Texas 77251-1892

Hazel Cole, CPS, Program Coordinator



  • M. Pasquali, P. K. Rai, A. N. G. Parra-Vasquez, H. Peng, R. H. Hauge, Methods for solubilizing and separating large Fullerenes. Provisional U.S. Patent Application, Docket Number 11321-P162V2, filed 9 August 2007. (pdf)
  • A. S. Alkawaldeh, M. Pasquali, M. S. Wong, New solvent and new method for the synthesis of CdSe semiconductor nanocrystals. Provisional U.S. Patent Application, Reg. Number 38150, Docket Number 1789-13501, filed 19 November 2004; application number 20070204790, published 6 September 2007. (pdf)
  • R. E. Smalley, R. K. Saini, R. Sivarajan, R. H. Hauge, V. A. Davis, M. Pasquali, L. M. Ericson, S. Kumar, and S. T. Veedu, Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Alewives, Process for Making, and Compositions Thereof. United States Patent No. 7,288,238, issued 30 October 2007. (pdf)
  • R. E. Smalley, R. K. Saini, R. Sivarajan, R. Hauge, V. A. Davis, M. Pasquali, L. M. Ericson (2006). "Fibers of Aligned Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes and Process for Making the Same". US 7,125,502 Patent (pdf)
  • M. Pasquali, V. Davis, and I. Stepanek-Basset (2005). "Method and Apparatus for Determining the Length of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes". US 6,962,092 Patent (pdf)