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Matteo Pasquali, PhD
CHBE - MS 369
Rice University
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Hazel Cole, CPS, Program Coordinator



Matteo Pasquali PhD
Prof, CHBE, Chemistry, Lovett College Master 
229 Keck Hall

Matteo Pasquali joined Rice in 2000 and is a Professor in the Dept of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and the Dept of Chemistry. During his tenure, he served as Co-Director of the Carbon Nanotechnology Laboratory in the Richard E. Smalley Institute. His current research interests include theoretical, computational, and experimental aspects of: scalable liquid-phase processing of single-walled nanotubes (SWNTs); behavior of individual SWNTs in water and other liquids; behavior of concentrated liquid phases of SWNTs (networks; lyotropic liquid crystals); behavior of functionalized SWNTs in liquids; scalable production of SWNTs; scalable separation of metallic vs. semiconductor SWNTs; fiber spinning of neat and functionalized SWNTs from solutions; fabrication of transparent, conductive films of SWNTs; applications of SWNTs as fuel cell electrods; applications of SWNTs in biological systems; fluid mechanics of polymer solutions; visualization of flowing DNA molecules; free-surface and interfacial flows; flow, hemolysis, and thrombosis in blood pumps; response of white and red blood cells to strain and stress; stabilized Galerkin/finite element methods for viscoelastic flow; rheology of semi-flexible polymer molecules; DNA condensation; emulsion rheology. Dr. Pasquali earned his M.Sci. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bologna (Italy), his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. He was awarded the NSF Career Award in 2001, the CIBA-GEIGY prize for best chemical student thesis, the ENICHEM Prize at the University of Bologna, and a scholarship to pursue graduate study abroad. He has published 111+ articles and holds eight US patents. Dr. Pasquali has served on 21 Ph.D. and six M.Sci Thesis Defenses, and 22 Ph.D. preliminary proposal defenses. Prof Pasquali is a member of AICHE, AAAS, SOR, AIP, APS, and ACS. He is currently serving a three-year on the Faculty Senate, and in 2009 was named GSC Faculty of the Year. He and his wife, Dr. Marie-Nathalie Contou-Carrere are currently serving a five-year term as Masters of  Lovett College.


Research Scientists

Guangjun Cheng, PhD
Research Scientist

Dr. Guangjun Cheng has been a guest researcher since October 2003 in the Physical Measurement Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He is working with Dr. Angela Hight Walker to synthesize cobalt and copper colloidal nanoparticles and to characterize their properties using transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), x-ray diffraction (XRD), superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID), Raman spectroscopy, and neutron scattering. For the past two years, he has extended his research interests to Raman spectroscopy of graphene, the metal/graphene interface, and chemically modified graphene. He earned a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, from the University of California, Davis, Davis, CA; a M.S. in Physical Chemistry from Peking University, Beijing, China, and a B.S. in Science from Northeast Normal University, Changchun, China. 

Postdoctoral Researchers

Nathan Orloff, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher 
Dr. Nathan Orloff is a guest researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He is investigating microwave propagation in carbon nanocomposites through the development of suitable free space and wave-guiding transmission/reflectance models and techniques. 

Teresa Hsu
Theresa Hsu, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Keck Hall - Rm 226C

Dr. Tienyi Theresa Hsu graduated from Cornell University with her Bachelors in 2007, and then obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University in January 2012, under the supervision of Professor Gerald Fuller and Curtis Frank. For her PhD thesis, she investigated the fluid dynamics of soft materials such polymer and surfactant solutions, as affected by their non-linear rheological properties. Her postdoctoral research in Professor Matteo Pasquali’s laboratory involves exploring the flow processing of carbon nanotube (CNT) solutions to create macroscopic materials. Specifically, her goal is to create 3D CNT structures with controlled porosity and tunable mechanical strength.

 Alex Lee
Alex Lee, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Keck Hall - Rm 230

Alex Lee received his PhD from the University of Minnesota (2010) studying the convective assembly of nanoparticles into thin structured films. At Rice, he is working with methods developed in Prof. Pasquali's group to simulate transient free surface flows of simple viscoelastic liquids. Currently, our studies are being carried out as part of a collaborative research project with Prof. Jonathan Rothstein (University of Massachusetts - Amherst) examining the process of gravure coating applied to block copolymer solutions for scalable manufacturing of highly ordered phase-segregated (nano-structured) films.

Flavia Vitale
Flavia Vitale, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Keck Hall, Room 230

Flavia Vitale

received her PhD in Chemical Engineering at University of Rome "La Sapienza" in February 2012. For her PhD thesis, she worked on computational models for estimating hemolysis in complex flows. Her research activity at Rice with Prof. Pasquali is focused on exploring the use of CNT-based material for biomedical applications. Ongoing research projects involve the study of biocompatibility, fabrication and characterization of CNT fiber microelectrodes for modulating the activity of excitable tissues.



Whiting, Bryan
Bryan T. Whiting, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Keck Hall, Room 226B

Bryan Whiting received his PhD from Cornell University while working on new synthetic techniques for the production of biodegradable polymers. His work in Prof. Pasquali's lab is the synthesis of new polymeric materials capable of stabilizing solubilized carbon nanotubes under harsh conditions (temperature, salinity, pH) as well as investigating direct crosslinking of nanotube materials for enhanced mechanical properties.

  PhD Candidates

Mohammed Adnan
PhD Candidate
Keck Hall 226B

Mohammed Adnan received his Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering in 2010 from The Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. He has undergraduate research experience in functionalization of graphene for production of nanocomposites. His current work involves improving properties of CNT fibers and expanding the applicability of CNT fibers.  On May 2, 2013, he won 1st place in the campus-wide First Annual Graduate Student Elevator Pitch competition 90-second presentation of  "Continuous fibers of Boron Nitride Nanotubes."

PhD Candidate
Keck Hall 226C

Shaghayegh Agah received her bachelor degree in chemical engineering from University of Tehran, Iran in 2010. She joined the PhD program at Rice university under the supervision of Prof. Matteo Pasquali and Prof. Anatoly Kolomesiky in 2012. Her project is the theoretical and experimental study of DNA/Water translocation through Carbon Nanotube as nanopore. 

Amram Bengio
PhD Candidate
Keck Hall 226B

Amram Bengio received a Bachelors degree in Physics from Rice in 2012.  During the spring 2010, he studied abroad at the Israeli Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, and worked as an undergraduate researcher in the group of professor Ishi Talmon.  Upon his return to Rice, he spent a year doing undergraduate research for the CF2 group.   He returned to Israel for a year during fall 2011/spring 2012 to further pursue research at Technion in the area of electron microscopy of carbon nanotube dispersions in superacids.  He is a  PhD Candidate under Prof Matteo Pasquali and is currently working on the characterization and optimization of the carbon nanotube dispersion process in chlorosulfonic acid.

Robby Headrick
PhD Candidate
Keck Hall 226

Robby Headrick received his bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 2012.  During that time he worked as an intern at SouthWest NanoTechnologies in the R&D department where his research focused on post processing and application of semiconducting single walled carbon nanotubes.  He joined Prof. Pasquali's group in the Spring of 2013 as a PhD student in the Chemistry department.  His research interests include macroscopic assembly of carbon nanotubes and the control of their electronic properties through solution processing.  

Vida Jamali
PhD Candidate
Keck Hall 231

Vida Jamali earned her B.Sc in Sharif University of Technology, Iran in 2011. She joined Prof. Matteo Pasquali's group in 2012, and is working on modeling of liquid crystal polymers. 

Mirri Francesca
Francesca Mirri
PhD Candidate
Keck Hall 226C

Francesca Mirri received her bachelor degree in chemical engineering from university of Bologna in 2009. She joined the PhD program in Rice university under the supervision of Prof. Pasquali in 2010 and co-advised by Robert Vajtai and Robert Hauge. Her research focuses on the fabrication of two and three dimensional structures made from solutions of carbon nanotubes in chlorosulfonic acid. In particular, she is involved in the study of a dip-coating technique for the production of conductive thin films for electronic applications. In addition, her work includes the optimization and characterization of carbon nanotubes foams and carbon nanotube synthesis.

Robby Pinnick
PhD Candidate
Keck Hall 226B rpinnick@rice.edu

Robert Pinnick received a B.S. in Chemistry and B.S.Ch.E. in Chemical Engineering from Rice University in 2007. From 2007 to 2012, he worked in Chevron's upstream oil and gas division as a flow assurance specialist. In 2012, he joined the Pasquali group as a graduate student and is focusing his research on the coagulation of CNT fibers during solution spinning.

zhao tang
Zhao Tang
PhD Candidate
Keck Hall 226B

Zhao Tang received his B.S. honor degree in Chemical engineering (2012) from Purdue University where he worked on synthesis, printing and dynamic contrast optical imaging of magnetic responsive nanostructures under the supervision of Prof. Alexander Wei. He joined Professor Pasquali’s group in Rice University for his PhD study in 2012. Awards include 2010 Harrison M. Stine Memorial Scholarship, Purdue, 2011 Summer undergraduate research fellowship, Purdue Center for Cancer Research, and 2012 Hin Wei Wong Graduate Fellowship Award, Rice University.  As a new PhD Candidate, his research project will be assigned in the near future.    

Dmitri Tsentalovich
PhD Candidate
Keck Hall 226B 


 Dmitri Tsentalovich is a 6th year PhD candidate in the research group of Matteo Pasquali. He graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire (2008).  His research in the Pasquali group is focused on studying the fluid properties of CNT solutions in chlorosulfonic acid in order to improve the strength and conductivity of acid-spun CNT fibers.  His graduate body of work includes measuring the length of CNTs with extensional rheology studying the phase behavior of CNT and graphene solutions and spinning and post-processing CNT fibers.  Dmitri has presented his research on carbon nanotube rheology in conferences such as the Society of Rheology 2010 and International Congress on Rheology 2012 and his research on carbon nanotube fibers at the American Society of Mechanical Engineering Congress 2013. His broader interests include entrepreneurship and he is keen on working on the commercial development of carbon nanotube fibers.





Young Colin
Colin Young
PhD Candidate
Keck Hall 226B

Colin Young is a PhD candidate in the Rice University Applied Physics program, working under Professor Matteo Pasquali.  He received his B.S. at Tulane University with a double major in Physics and Mathematics, and completed a Masters degree in Applied Physics at Rice University in 2012.  His research interests include the rheology of carbon nanotube dispersions and fluids, and the development of processes for making macroscopic films and fibers from solution precursors. He was one of the lead authors in breakthrough work of wet-spinning strong, high conductivity continuous CNT fibers and is interested in pursuing applications of carbon nanotube fibers in various areas such as aerospace, medical, and consumer electronics.




Hazel Cole, CPS
Program Coordinator
Keck Hall - Rm 231

Hazel Cole joined Rice University  in February 2004 as Executive Assistant to Richard E. Smalley, Nobel Laureate and University Professor (1943-2005).  After his passing on Oct 28, 2005,  she began working for Dr. Matteo Pasquali who was appointed Co-Director of the Carbon Nanotechnology Laboratory (CNL).   In February 2008, CNL was reorganized, and Prof Pasquali returned to his home department, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CHBE) and asked Hazel accompany him in a new position working for the department and Prof Pasquali.  in October 2010, she became Program Coordinator, and assists Prof Pasquali and his research group.   

Cole has 40+ years executive level administrative experience in the corporate world. She attained the Certified Professional Secretary (CPS)® rating from the Institute for Certifying Secretaries in 1978.  Her professional record includes numerous awards and leadership positions in the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA), Professional Secretaries International (PSI), Federation of Houston Professional Women (FHPW), etc. where she was honored as PSI 1978 Secretary of the Year, FHPW 1993 Woman of Excellence, and ABWA 2003 Woman of the Year.   She has numerous published articles in trade magazines. Hazel works part-time (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays).